Why India could never make it to Football World Cup? Read the 3 main reasons behind this.

Indian Football team was ranked 173 on March 2015 by FIFA. After lot of hard work and straight wins we climbed to 100 rank on June 2017. 

No. 11 is our captain Sunil Chhetri in this above photo.
The thing is, we have few Indian football followers. But the ones we have are very passionate about it.

We also have our club leagues like I League and ISL, they are like IPL of football. We also have government organised inter state tournament which is called the Santosh Trophy.

Now the question automatically comes to our mind that why are we still ranked 100, we should have been better. Here are some points that do not favor Indian football:

1. Finance – Career as a footballer in India is quite bleak. Only the best footballers in India can make a decent earning. The people who have taken up football as a profession are for their love for football, not for fame and money.

2. Opportunity and Infrastructure – Scouting for young talent for football in India is no where near to the level as it is for Indian cricket. The coaching level and infrastructure are not good enough to produce the best out of the players.
3. Administration and Public Interest – Some Indian people have an interest only for European Leagues or FIFA World Cup. Hardly anyone is excited about Indian football and the administration also does not seem to care about it. There was a match between India vs Kyrgyzstan in Bangalore in June 2017 and no one knew about it. We had 6000+ attendance that day though there were no posters or advertisements about the match!

Hope one day India will make it to the World Cup and we will be cheering for team India instead of Argentina, Brazil or other European countries.