Are you a ‘Leader’ or just a BOSS mismanaging a group of people?

In our work life, we meet lot of bosses but a very few leaders. Now most of the people will be confused that why am I differentiating between boss and leader?

If you are also managing people, then you must read this article and decide yourself if you are Leader or just a Boss.

1. Leader leads from the front: A leader will never just direct, he/she will be a part of the journey alongside the peers and will lead the way to the goal. On the other way, a Boss will only give order istead of helping the people under him.

2. Leader doesn’t dump work: A leader will never dump work on team members.  Good leader will never take the advantage of his/her position. A Boss, most of the times, will enjoy weekends and vacation and will order the team members to come to office and do the work. That’s the worst a boss can do to his team. A leader on the other hand will come to office at the holidays or weekends to set example for others and that motivates the team members to work better.

3. Leader will support the team: One of the most important sign of a good leader is he/she will support his team members in crucial situation and will encourage to do better. A boss on the other hand will scream on the members because of little mistakes and will try to show that the team members are not good enough like him/her. A good leader will always support the team members in front of third person.

4. Leader gives credit to team members: A leader will give all the credits to team members, a Boss will take all the credits.

5. Leader gives feedback personally: A leader must give feedback to point out the negatives and positives to team members, but he/she will do that personally to each and everyone so that one can understands his/her mistakes. A Boss on the other hand will keep talking in the back and that takes the moral of the team down.

Last but not the least, a person should never forget that he/she will be remembered and respected for his good attitude and behaviour, but not for his/her position. People don’t respect Boss, just fear the boss. Leader do things that earn him/her respect.

Now decide yourself, are you a ‘Leader’ or ‘A Bad   Boss’?