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What are the missing links of Indian history that get no attention in schools or history textbooks?

Our History is not only about Mughal dynasty, Lodhi dynasty and Tughlaq dynasty. We Indians are by and large aware of Muslim dynasties in Indian when it comes to our history.

  1. Here are some dark parts of Indian history which are not taught:
  2. After Ashoka we suddenly come to Samudragupta with brief interlude by Kanishka this is more than 500-800 hundred years where books are silent.
  3. From Samudragupta we come to Harsha and then to Prithvi Raj Chauhan. Again the gap is around 500 years.
  4. We do not study about Kabulshahi, Hindushahi kingdoms of Afganistan, we do not study about Hindu kingdoms of Kashmir particularly Lalitaditya.
  5. We do not study about Indian influence on Chinese for more than 1000 years, the early Buddhist scholars and the contribution of people like Padmasambhava Bodhisatva are absent from our history.
  6. The Indian trade through silk route is never taught.
  7. Indian influence through trade routes in west is never researched.
  8. The end of speedy growth of Buddhism in India and the re-rise of Hinduism is never taught.
  9. The distinct Buddhist design and Tibbetan imagery of statues in Badrinath is never taught.
  10. Influence of Hindus and India in Arabia is never taught, history of communities like Hussaini Brahmins is never researched or taught.
  11. The attacks and settling of Huns and their amalgamation into Indian society is not present in Indian history research.
  12. The Arab invasion, the Taimur invasion, the nadir shah Invasion and Ahmad Shah Abdali invasion do not get importance that they should get.
  13. Even invasion of Mahmud Ghazanavi and Mohd. Ghori are taught like mythology their mayhem and destruction of Hindu states and temples is downplayed.
  14. Influence of Hinduism and Buddhism, thousands of years of Human contact with Korea, Japan is never researched or taught.
  15. The rise of Hindu kingdoms in south east Asia, the sustaining influence of Hinduism in Indonesia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Burma, Thailand, Jawa, Bali is not part of our curriculum.
  16. The presence of Indians in Yemen, Qatar, Zanzibar, East Africa and their influence on culture, trade is never taught.
  17. The presence and influence of Ethiopians, Abyssinians, Siddhi from Africa in medieval India is never taught.
  18. History of Jats their migration from Bactria and Afghanistan and Iran to India is not part of any scholarly research.
  19. How did Hindu survive and remained in majority through history of Bigoted Muslim rulers across India is never researched or taught.
  20. The IAF bombing Aizwal in 1966, only time that IAF bombed territory and people in India, it has not been used even against Kashmiri, Sikh militants or Naxals.
  21. How Tawang became part of India in 1949-50 is never taught.
  22. The Hindu kings of Jaintia Hills in Meghalaya and adjoining Bangladesh are not known to even historians.
  23. Why tribes in Mizoram, Meghalaya and Nagaland became Christian despite dominant Vaishnava culture in Assam and Manipur and Shakt culture of Tripura is never taught.
  24. How we Indians have neglected and exploited tribal people across India is also absent from the history books.
  25. The history of Karnatka, Konkan, Kerala, Tamil Nadu are foot notes in our history.
  26. History of Balochistan, NWFP, Sindh do not get even footnotes in our history.
  27. History of Ahoms, the extent of their kingdom, the 800 years of independence, kingdoms in Manipur and Tripura are never taught.
  28. Even role of CIA and Indian intelligence in Dalai Lama’s flight from Lahasa to India is never taught.

And the list goes on…

The above is a small list of large number of events that are unknown to the majority of Indian people.