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Game of thrones- Indian Politics!

Winter is coming! It’s coming for all of us!

What if you imagine Indian politicians as ‘Game of Thrones’ character.

This funny video is going viral in YouTube for obvious reason. People who are interested in politics wil definitely love this.

Watch the video here:

Black money helped Indian economy during global recession: UP Chief Minister






Due to government’s sudden decision to demonetise Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes to stamp out black money, there have been serpentine queues outside banks and ATMs all over the country.

In a very controversial statement, Uttar Pradesh CM Akhilesh Yadav told the reporters that economists were of the opinion that black money helped the Indian economy in times of global recession.

“I am very clear on this…black money should not be generated. Economic experts say the magnitude of the global economic crisis at times is not felt in India because of strong (parallel) economy of black money,” he said.

“I am opposed to black money. I do not want it,” he also added.

Akhilesh said that whichever government had troubled the poor, it was shown the door by the masses. “This government has caused immense pain to commoners,” he said.

The chief minister was of the view that demonetisation will not serve the purpose of checking black money.

“It’s good that corruption is checked and people become aware that there should not be (any) corruption. But this problem cannot be overcome merely by changing Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes…Those who used to keep such notes are now waiting for Rs 2000 notes,” Akhilesh said on Saturday.

Congress general secretary Digvijaya Singh embarrasses party by saying ‘India-Occupied-Kashmir’ instead of PoK.







Controversy’s favourite child Digvijay Singh has yet again made a shameful statement what he is known for as usual.

He said to reporters in Bhopal, “Narendra Modi ji is more concerned about Pakistan occupied Kashmir. He thanks the people living in that area and that of Balochistan. But he is not ready to talk with people living in Kashmir. If we have to bring trust in the region, whether its Indian occupied Kashmir or Pakistan occupied Kashmir, we have to do that through talks.”

Indian politics is hitting new low day by day as our politicians are including evrything in their petty politics. Even the issue of national security doesn’t matter to them.

In a democracy, opposition party doesn’t mean that a party which will oppose every move of an elected government,  opposition party has a much more important role than that. Opposition Party should act firmly in parliament on behalf of common mass fighting for their common interest and grievences. They should raise immediate protest before a Bill passed if that is against common people. Opposition legislators should make sure that an elected government doesn’t have a free hand to decide common men’s fate and the decision should be in favour of common man only.

Our politicians should put national interest at the first place and they should do politics with internal issues. Whether it is BJP or Congress, we should stand against such leaders who are doing petty politics on such issues.

Does India deserve a leader like Arvind Kejriwal?






When Arvind Kejiriwal took the oath as a Cheif Minister  for  the first time with the help of Congress, I was saying to all my friends about his achievement and all. I was a great admirer of Kejiriwal back then.I have defended him many a times when my friends criticised him for getting into politics rather than doing good services as an activist alongside Anna Hazare from outside of politics.

But now Kejiriwal turned to 180 degrees. He said that he will change politics, but the trth is that politics has changed him to an average politician.

Whoever agress with him are  the right people and whoever disagress with him are corrupt and wrong . He think that  his political party and bureaucrats  who he appoints are the right people and others are wrong.

He mocked Rahul Gandhi as a child in politics and Modi as a coward and psychopath.  He just need the attention of presstitutes . For Presstitutes Delhi is India and India is Delhi.

Why he was afraid of CBI raid? If there is nothing wrong with him  then why was he making such a loud noise infront of media?  He tried to divert the attention and brought DDCA into the picture. Why there was no actionable items before the CBI raid on DDCA?

He kicked out  Prasant Bhusan and Yogendra Yadav but he raises his  voice for Kirti Azad when he was expelled from BJP. Double standard?

He spent crores for advertisment and he calls himself as aam aadmi. Kejiriwal simply shouts at  every one and engages  the media.

What is his view on economic policy? What is his view on development agenda? He doesn’t have any clear and planned view other than shouting.

Conclusion: Kejriwal won the Delhi election and formed government that lasted only 49 days. Then he quit the government and it was a landslide victory for AAP in Delhi. He won with such a huge historic margin only because people believed in him. He needs to concentrate all his energy into good work. If he is uncorrupted good politician and he works for the society, his works will speak for him. But no, he is making mockery of himself by shouting every now and then against Modi. He doesn’t understand that the youth will support him more than Modi if he delivers more than Modi. It’s been ranaissance in Indian politics of late and the days of blind politics is almost over for the educated people atleast and that’s where the Kejriwal playing it long. Dear Mr. Kejriwal, the poeple of India din’t want one more average politician like you, the believed in you with hope and the hope is gone.