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15 records in cricket that look unbreakable for ever?

1. Rohith sharma’s unbeatable 264 individual ODI score.

2. Anil Kumble’s 10 wickets haul in an test innings against Pakistan in 1999.

3. Brain Lara’s unbeatable 400* individual test score.

4. Sachin Tendulkar’s most played 452 innings in ODI.

5. Sachin Tendulkar’s hundred international centuries. 51 in test and 49 centuries in ODI.

6. Ricky Ponting as captain with 219 wins in the 322 matches in which he led Australia.

7. Saurav Ganguly is the only player to win four consecutive Man-of-the-Match awards in ODIs. He did it against Pakistan in Toronto in 1997

8. Dhoni’s fastest stumping in 0.09 seconds.

9.Dravid’s 735 hours 52 minutes at the crease in Test cricket, the most for any batsman.

10. Yuvraj singh and Gayle’s fastest half century in 12 balls.

11. Mutthia Muralidharan’s 800 wickets in test cricket.

12. Average of 99.94 in test cricket by Don Bradman.

13.624 runs partnership in a test match. (Sangakkara – Jayawardene).
14. Highest total or score by a team in test match is made by Sri Lanka, 952 for 6 declared against India. 

15. Australia’s 16 consecutive test wins under the captaincy of Steave Waugh. 

Why Sachin Tendulkar is not given the title of ‘Sir’ Sachin Tendulkar?

Many of you may have wondered why Indian cricket greats are never called as ‘Sir’ like other cricket greats like Bradman, Sobers, Richards. Let’s get into the fact here.


As most of you may know, the title ‘SIR’ is given by the Queen of England.

Indians cannot be knighted by the Queen of England as the title ‘Sir’ can only be used by someone who is a citizen of a ‘Commonwealth Realm’, i.e., a state such as Australia, New Zealand and West Indies that recognizes the Queen as head.

In case of India, the system was followed prior to Independence, but later the tradition was abolished.

Back in 2008, Tendulkar was on the verge of being offered knighthood on the request of the then British Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

Even if conferred an honorary knighthood, Indians can neither use the title nor want to seek it.

Accepting a knighthood would mean that we are still stuck in the colonial hangover. Sachin has already won the BHARAT RATNA and he doesn’t need a knighthood in the court of the Queen.


Why is BCCI the most dominating in the ICC and cricketing world?

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What did Tony Greig say?

Once the former England captain said that ending India’s “domination” of the ICC and dismissing the “nonsense” idea of having a window for the IPL would be his top agenda if  he is given charge of cricket’s world governing body.

BCCI’s dominance of world cricket is a wellknown fact.

After all, what’s the alternative?

going back to the era when cricket was dominated by England and Australia? These two founding members of the then Imperial Cricket Council (ICC used to be called Imperial Cricket Council earlier) had run cricket the way Britain ran its Empire. They controlled cricket with utter disdain for the opinions of other nations.

So, their criticism of BCCI and its methods strikes Indians as rich. Isn’t it?

Back then, only a few cricketers like Fateh Sinh Rao Gaekwad, Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi, Saleem Durrani & Farrokh Engineer had the guts to speak out their mind before the dominating English & the Aussies.

Jagmohan Dalmia turned BCCI’s fortune around with his Marwari sense of business – and since then BCCI is controlling terms. Why not? There was a time in the 80s when cricket in Sharjah was dominated by the Pakis, who manipulated the matches as per the great gamblers wishes – and when BCCI stopped sending Indian cricket team to Sharjah, suddenly that venue lost all its lustre! We must feel good about BCCI and it’s strong arm tactics – for how long shall we be steam-rolled by other nations?

Only former tormentors and apologists who don’t like being served their own bitter medicine when the boot is on the other foot forward such arguments and Tony Greig is one of them in the never ending list.

India is the new 800 pound elephant in the ICC boardroom. Why should we be apologetic about it? It’s the first time we’ve achieved that status in any global body. The endeavour should be to try and replicate this model in all other spheres. May be, in a few decades from now, in the United Nations Security Council, too (just being optimistic). We know that day is still far, far away, but there’s no harm in dreaming.

After all, who could have imagined 30 years ago that India would one day rule the cricket world? No doubt, it’s the richest cricket body in the world.

Why cricket is not a part Olympics?

It automatically comes to the mind of every Indian that why not cricket is a part of Olympics as India has always been a strong and dominant unit in this game at least for the last 50 years or so.






There has been a push for Twenty20 cricket to become an Olympic sport. Cricket is recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC), which, it is understood, has encouraged the ICC to apply for the inclusion of a Twenty20 event in the Olympics, featuring up to 12 teams, both men and women.

While governing bodies of other sports have been quick to seize the exposure Olympic status can provide, the ICC has maintained a deliberate approach to the matter. At the last two ICC board meetings – on February 3 and April 24 (2016) in Dubai – they have deferred taking a final position on whether or not to make an application to the IOC siting the reason that it is difficult to fit Olympics into cricket calendar.

Also there are other important facts that we need to consider: 

Cricket is not really a global sport (yet). Although, people of densely populated regions (Indian Subcontinent, England, Australia and South Africa) are crazy about Cricket, the sport itself has not managed to penetrate most of the countries of this world. There are only a few commonwealth nations that takes Cricket seriously as compared to other popular sports like Football, Athletics, Boxing, etc.

Also, some big nations of this world are minimally interested in this sport, e.g. USA, Japan, China, Russia, Germany, etc. which makes it even more difficult to consider for Olympics.

Arrangement of cricket matches are a logistic hassle. Cricket grounds need to be specifically made; you can’t hold any other sport in a cricket venue at least not until the whole tournament is over. Moreover, cricket includes a lot more technical equipments comapred to other games which is not easy for a non-cricket playing nation to arrange without any glitches.

Length of The Matches
Cricket matches can take a long time to finish. Even the shortest format (T20) of the game needs 4-5 hours.

Lack of Effort
No one has actually lobbied for Cricket. Not England, Not India–no one. If the cricket playing nations start lobbying, I am sure cricket will be included.

These are the major reasons behind cricket’s absence from Olympics.

For your information, Indian athletes have won a total of 27 medals so far in Olympics. For a period of time, India national field hockey team was dominant in Olympic competition, winning eleven medals in twelve Olympics between 1920 and 1980. The run included 8 gold medals in total and six successive gold medals from 1928–1956.

Though our athletes have made us proud in several occasions, a country with 125 cr population has not yet made it big at world’s biggest event of sports. With the due respect to the other sports, inclusion of cricket in Olympics will surely give a push to the possibility of winning medals.

Note: Cricket will be included in the 2024 Olympics if Rome wins its bid to host the games, the president of the Italian board has said. Rome is one of the cities bidding to host the Olympics in 2024. France Cricket is attempting to win a similar commitment with the Paris organising committee. “If Rome hosts the Olympics, cricket will be included, we have had a firm commitment from the organising committee”, Simone Gambino, president of the Federazione Cricket Italiana (FCI) has said.


Why are cricketers accompanied by children when they come out on the field before the match for national anthem?

That is actually a Football culture.

In cricket this started off with imitation of football matches where young school children would accompany the teams onto the field for the anthems and shaking of hands. It is frustrating that the game announcers make absolutely no comment about these charming children.

These kids are part of an international program that chooses 1400 or so kids every year from all over the world  to walk onto the pitch with a professional soccer/football player. The program is called the FIFA McDonald’s Escort Programme.

Recently the tradition is being followed in cricket too. It’s a mark of fair play and good spirit. Children are always fair, innocent and spread love. Cricketers similarly foster good spirit and advocate the spirit of the game. Fair and competitive play is what gets symbolised!

cricketers accompanies by childs