6 Must Have Qualities In A Good Leader!

A good leader has a futuristic vision and he knows how to turn a vision into a relity. In this article we will talk about some leadership qualities that separate a good leader from a bad one.

1. Honesty: Wise leaders are not afraid of telling the truth to the subordinates. Honesty is all about building trust that defines the integrity which in turn results into a good team result. 

2. Feedback: A good leader never hesitates to give feedback to his team members. You have to give positive/negative feedback whenever required with exact facts. A leader has to own his feedback.

3. Owning Responsibility: Whene team succeeds, a good leader gives all the credit to team members. When team fails, leader has to own the responsibility. This is a quality which is rare and it earns respect for the leader.

4. Communicate Clearly: Present your thoughts clearly without any ‘if’ and ‘but’. It generates enthusiasm among the team members.

5. Fix The Breakdown: Never blame the team in case of any breakdown, work with the team to fix the breakdown.

6. Never Talk in Parental Mode: Respect your subordinates and always maintain the calmness in any situation. Communication in parental mode demotivated the team.

Napoleon Bonaparte said, ‘If you build an army of 100 lions and their leader is a dog, in any fight, the lions will die like a dog. But if you build an army of 100 dogs and their leader is a lion, all dogs will fight like a lion.’

10 Tips for Success in Corporate Jobs!


Chinese philosopher Lao-tzu said in 6th century BC, “A journey of thousad miles must begin with single steps”. The fact that you are reading this about taking steps that will help you to have an advantage over your competetiors.

  1. Formal Dress Code: Though many of you may disagree, but formal dress is considered to be a sign of commitment and seriousness in corporate culture. So, making yourself presentable with formal dress is an important criteria.
  2. Be Punctual: Punctuality is the most important characteristic in succesful people. If you are not punctual, you can never expect your subordinate to be punctual.
  3. Effective Communication: If you are able to communicate your words in an effective manner, you will get attention. So, you must work on both verbal and written communication. Mail wrtting etiquettes can never be ignored.
  4. Stop Discussing About Bosses On Their Back: Stay away from such activities. Love your work and concentrate on work. You may never know when back bitching will backfire.
  5. Always Be Prepared: Presentation or meeting, you should always be prepared. You can never miss a chance of getting attention. Always be ready with facts.
  6. Be Responsible: A good employee never runs away from responsibility. Take ownership with full responsibility.
  7. Avoid Oversmartness: You surely don’t want to be like those who acts with oversmartness and think they can get away with silly mistakes. Smartness is important, oversmartness is not!
  8. Know Your Bosses: This is the most important thing. One should know how to communicate with bosses. Would your boss prefer a mail, a voice mail, a phone call or a text message for a particular task? You shoould know exactly what your bosses want make life easier for them and as well as for you.
  9. Know Your Numbers: You should be always ready with numbers and facts to defend yourself in any situation. If you need help, you can ask for it from your peers. It’s not complicated, but crucial for your growth.
  10. Learn To Say ‘NO’: Ofcourse, you don’t want offend your boss and collegues. But you should learn to put your opinion in case of any disagreement. Talk wisely and make your manager undersatnd why you are saying ‘NO’.

Game of thrones- Indian Politics!

Winter is coming! It’s coming for all of us!

What if you imagine Indian politicians as ‘Game of Thrones’ character.

This funny video is going viral in YouTube for obvious reason. People who are interested in politics wil definitely love this.

Watch the video here:

Eye Care Tips!

Rainy season is over! It really takes a lot on our part to keep one’s cool in the sweltering heat. We lather our skin in sunscreen, devour ice creams and fan ourselves with whatever we can lay our hands on. But in all of this, we always forget about our eyes. 

This is season when excess UV exposure (cornea burns,retinal detachment),too much air conditioning (eye dryness),chlorinated water of pools(chemical conjunctivitis and corneal infection) and swinging temperature (viral and allergic conjunctivitis) can cause eye problems. Here are some eye care tips especially for summers.. 

* Use larger Sunglasses- buy a pair of sunglasses with wide lense. 

*Ensure that your sunglasses provide 100% UV protection.

*Don’t let the clouds deceive you-even its cloudy,uv radiation still can reach your eyes. Wear sunglasses even on a cloudy day.

* Donot forget your aunglasses at the beach. We tend to frequent beaches and swimming pool in a bid to beat the heat. Remember that when you are near the water you face double the exposure as sun rays get reflected off the water in addition to the direct light. 

*Wear a wide brimmed hat. 

* Keep yourself hydrated- drink at least 2 litres of water.

* Apply sunscreen carefully especially near the eyes. 

* Avoid the mid day sun.

* Protect your eyes in the pool.

So enjoy yourselves in this summer. But employ a little caution so that so that your eyes don’t suffer the brunt as you beat the heat.

What’s the major problem in Indian politics now a days?

There is no doubt that now a days the youth generation of India is taking interest in politics which is of course a great thing.

PM Narendra Modi has redefined the political scenario with his digital campaign in 2014. Before that we must agree most of the people, specially the young generation, were too reluctant to talk about politics. 

With this renaissance in Indian politics, a far bigger problem has found it’s deep rooted existence. The problem is people are either supporting or taking stand against Modi.

People who support modi are called Bhakts in social media platform. On the other hand, people who opposes Modi like to call themselves as intellectuals. 

The rational thinking is vanished almost. Self declared Bhakts support Modi over anything whereas self declared intellectuals oppose everything that Modi does. We need to understand what is good or what is bad for this country.

Every government in the world may take some good and some bad decisions. As responsible citizens, our aim should be to praise the good deeds and to take a stand against bad decisions. Otherwise our purpose of making this country great will die. 

Politicians like Modi will come and go, but the existence of India is eternal and let’s unite for a better India.

The youth should praise the government for good steps irespective of political ideologies so that it encourages government. The same young people should raise their voice when government takes a wrong decision. 

Let’s reunite our thoughts on same page for the betterment of the nation.

What are the most wonderful things about Indian Women?


Paris Hilton, on her visit to India tweeted that she finds Indian women the most beautiful, exotic and gorgeous.

Indian women are the undoubtedly most beautiful in this world. They are blessed with naturally gifted beauty. No wonder Indian women have won numerous beauty pageants for instance; Rita Faria and Susmita Sen as Miss universe, Aishwariya Rai and Priyanka Chopra as Miss world.

Why Indian women are beautiful and attractive?

Dark Skin Tones: Naturally tan skin gives them a beautiful skin color.

Black Hair: Beautiful raven black hair is the ultimate symbol of beauty.

Dark Brown Eyes: Olive black eyes with spark and glow.

Shy: The shyness adds an extra pinch to the natural beauty.

Behavior: Friendly and polite nature further enhances the beauty.

Cultural Awareness: They are very much aware of their rich culture.

Don’t forget to suggest us if we missed any points.

Why Sachin Tendulkar is not given the title of ‘Sir’ Sachin Tendulkar?

Many of you may have wondered why Indian cricket greats are never called as ‘Sir’ like other cricket greats like Bradman, Sobers, Richards. Let’s get into the fact here.


As most of you may know, the title ‘SIR’ is given by the Queen of England.

Indians cannot be knighted by the Queen of England as the title ‘Sir’ can only be used by someone who is a citizen of a ‘Commonwealth Realm’, i.e., a state such as Australia, New Zealand and West Indies that recognizes the Queen as head.

In case of India, the system was followed prior to Independence, but later the tradition was abolished.

Back in 2008, Tendulkar was on the verge of being offered knighthood on the request of the then British Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

Even if conferred an honorary knighthood, Indians can neither use the title nor want to seek it.

Accepting a knighthood would mean that we are still stuck in the colonial hangover. Sachin has already won the BHARAT RATNA and he doesn’t need a knighthood in the court of the Queen.


How to get ready with flawless look within 15 minutes?

If you wake up late and you want to reach office in time, how do you make sure that you look flawless? For people who wake up late, it’s challenging task to reach office in time without messy looks.

If you want to get ready in decent manner within a very short span of time, follow the tips:

Pick the outfit to wear next day at night itself. It saves a considerable amount of time in morning. In case of emergencies, pick your go-to-shirt which your friends think you wear too often.

Brush your teeth while in the shower, it saves few more minutes too. Shampoo in the night before, because it takes long time to dry your hair if you shampoo in the morning.

Your hair is total mess? Straighten just the ends and fringes for a more natural fall. It takes just 60 seconds express grooming and no one will know that it’s done in a whim. If you can work out your hairstyle on the go, it’s even better.

Just follow what your makeup brush knows byheart. Use products with easy packaging– stick foundations, pencil liners, etc. It’s easy to apply and you don’t have to wait for the liner to get dry. Applying lipstick, compact powder and blush is fair easy to do on the wheels.

Multi tasking is the secret mantra. Make your coffee/tea in low flame while taking shower. Take bites of your breakfast in easy instalments while getting ready. If you are not an early riser, better to keep the breakfast ready in refrigerator in the night before.

Do you know the structure and commands of Indian Army?

Though Indian Army was established in 1895 under British regime, it got the current structure after independence. It is the 3rd largest army in the world and divided into 7 commands. Lieutenant General Bipin Rawat is the current Army chief and he is the 30th chief of Indian Army.
Structure of Indian Army:
President is the supreme commander of all the three army in India. The top army officer is called the Army chief. The Indian Army is divided into 7 commands and the details are given below:

1. Easter Command (Headquarter: Kolkata) Currently in this command, there are 12 division and 4 cores are working.

2. Central Command (Headquarter: Lucknow) Currently no unit of this command is working as it is assigned to South Western Command.

3. Northern Command (Headquarter: Udhampur) 7 divisions, 3 cores and 1 brigade of this command are working.

4. Southern Command (Headquarter: Pune) In this command 6 divisions, 2 cores and 3 brigades are working as of now.

5. South-Western Command (Headquarter: Jaipur) Currently, 7 divisions, 2 cores and 3 brigades are working in this command.

6. Western Command (Headquarter: Chandigarh) At present, 7 divisions, 2 cores and 3 brigades are working in this command.

7. Training Command (Headquarter: Shimla) This is the nodal agency for all institutional training in the army.

Note: Apart from these commands, there is an independent parachute brigade of the Indian Army, which is located in Agra and comes directly under the jurisdiction of Chief of the Army staff.

In any command, army is organised in 7 parts and the details are below:
1. Section: Smallest unit, it contains 10-12 soldiers.
2. Platoon: It consists 4 sections.
3. Company: It consists of 4 platoons and the chief is called company commander.
4. Battalion: It’s chief is called Colonel.
5. Brigade: It’s chief is called Brigadier.
6. Division: It’s chief is called Major General.
7. Corps: It’s chief is called Lieutenant General.

Organisation of the Indian Army:
Indian Army is organised in two parts= Combat Arms and Services.

Combat Arms: Soldiers are involved who participated in search operation.

Services: Apart from Combat Arms, the remaining whole army under the services. Their main task is to provide logistical (food) material to the army and administer the army.

Who is more powerful in the defense sector between India and China?

India and China are undoubtedly the largest superpowers of Asian subcontinent. The size of trade is around $70 billion between India and China. On the other hand the boundary dispute has always been a prime issue between these Asia giants.
In light of the recent stand off in Doklam, let’s compare the defence capabilities of the both countries.

1. Defence Budget:
India: $55 billion
China: $151 billion

2. Total Population:
India: 1.34 billion
China: 1.38 billion

3. Total Manpower:
India: 61.6 million
China: 75 million

4. People Fit for the Job:
India: 49 million
China: 62 million

5. The Manpower ready for the Military (every year):
India: 23 million
China: 19 million

6. Total Active Army:
India: 13.25 lacs
China: 23.35 lacs

7. Number of total Atomic Bombs:
India: 120 to 130
China: 270 to 300

8. Aircraft (all types):
India: 2663
China: 3749

9. Helicopter:
India: 646
China: 802

10. Attack Helicopter:
India: 19
China: 200

11. Airports (serviceable):
India: 346
China: 507

12. Total Tanks:
India: 6464
China: 9150

13. Major Ports/Terminals:
India: 7
China: 15

14. Merchant Marine Strength:
India: 340
China: 2030

15. Mine Warfare Craft:
India: 6
China: 4

16. Towed Military:
India: 7414
China: 6264

17. Submarines:
India: 14
China: 68

18. Fleet Strength:
India: 295
China: 714

19. Aircraft Carrier:
India: 2
China: 1

20. Frigates:
India: 14
China: 48

21. Destroyer Ships:
India: 10
China: 32

22. Patrol Craft:
India: 135
China: 138

23. Ballistic Missiles:
India: 5000
China: 13000

24. Petroleum Production (per day)
India: 7.67 lac bbl
China: 41.89 lac bbl

25. Petroleum Consumption (per day):
India: 35.10 lac bbl
China: 1.01 cr. bbl

So, if India has to establish a balance of power in South Asia, it will first have to reduce its dependence on imported defence equipment by promoting Make-in-India initiative. After reading above data, it is easily understood that though India is far behind China, it’s not a weak power anc can take on any country head-to-head.