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15 Etiquette Rules You Should Never Forget!

Etiquettes are the customary codes of polite behaviour in society or among members of a particular profession or group.

1. Be punctual for all meetings, dates and get-togethers everything. Just plan everything thoughtfully and meaningfully. 

2. Don’t be mooch. Return what you borrow before it’s missed, ask before taking anything which definitely could be missing.

3. Be considerate when using your smartphone in between a meeting. Text if possible, and be low-key and quiet when you need to make or take a call.

4. Always help clean-up when you are at dinner party at someone’s place.

5. Never use text message when you communicate an extremely serious news or information. Try to call instead.

6. Always make sure that you are the only person who can hear music coming out of your earphones or headphones.

7. Never post confidential messages, information or images to social media.

8. Never force anyone to read, eat and do the same things you do. Talking about it is fine, but don’t be pushy or assertive.

9. Don’t be the person who always laughs or talks too loud.

10. Always split the bill equally while dinning out or at least genuinely offer to do so.

11. Don’t crash a party with an uninvited guest(s).

12. Always hold the door open when someone is right behind you. 

13. Be courteous of other human beings, and even more courteous of those who are less fortunate.

14. Don’t interrupt people when they are talking. 

15. Always thank the driver when you travel by auto, taxi, OLA or Uber.