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7 unfortunate truths about Indian Software industry. 

Theoretically, a software engineer is a person who applies the principles of software engineering to the design, development, maintenance, testing and evaluation of a software product.

But, some of the general facts about Indian Software Engineers are:

1. This country is producing software engineers in mass without required skill set. That’s because of the huge business in education system. Recently Indian government has asked some odd 800 engineering colleges because of poor infrastructure.

2. Unfortunately, most of the engineers are doing tasks which anyone with basic computer knowledge can do. This is also a outcome of education business. Engineering is now considered as normal graduation and work standard has degraded.

3. Bench is considered as the paid vacation by the most of the engineers.

4. Manual testers are believed to be minority group and untouchables in the industry. 

5. Maintaining task tracker and other project documentations consumes more time than the actual coding.

6. Most of the software engineers are worried about leaves rather than work, thanks to the work culture of Indian software companies. 

7. The last but not the least, most of them are software engineers until they crack Bank PO/CAT/GMAT and other streams which make their engineering degree of no use in the first place.